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Memory Lane of WC: The Admission Office

April 18, 2012

The Admission Staff & Student Ambassadors 2011-2012

The Admission Staff & Student Ambassadors 2011-2012

Contributed by Maria Larson

When I decided that I wanted to stay and work on campus over the last summer break, I applied to several places where they were hiring students for the summer. One of these places was the Admission office, and that was where I eventually got a job.

I worked full time during the summer, and had a great time with the whole staff in the office. Once school started back up, I continued to work part time in the office and combined work with my last year of school. There have been times when it has been extremely stressful and I have considered quitting the job in order to have more time for school, but every time that thought have come to mind, I have realized that I could never actually leave that place.

The staff in the Admission office is awesome and they make it worth coming in to work every day! I got to know all of the counselors really well during the summer, as we worked so closely together, and we had a lot of fun! Once school started back up, and all the students came back to campus, all the other student ambassadors also contributed to a lot of good times in the office.

I hope you have met some of these amazing people during a visit on campus, or that you will meet them on a future visit, because they are great people and they mirror the friendliness and belongingness that Wilmington College is all about!

There is not one day in the office without laughter. Although we are often very busy in there, we always find moments to laugh and enjoy each other's company. It is the kind of work environment I hope I always find myself in, and the Admission office will for sure be one of the places I will miss the most on campus when I leave Wilmington College.


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