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Reds game and a Tommy John-surgery

April 08, 2012

Picture of my

Picture of my "arm" after my surgery. I had this brace for four weeks after the surgery, and the first week I had it locked in a 90° angle. After that I went through about 6 months of rehab, and now I am fully recovered and stronger than ever!

Contributed by Maria Larson 

Last night I watched a whole baseball game for the first time (Reds vs. Marlins), and I actually came to understand some of the rules for it! I have never understood it before, and therefore not been very entertained, but it is definitely more fun when you get the rules and tactics behind the sport! I still feel like it is like watching two grown men play catch, but I definitely thought it was more fun the more I understood of it.

When we watched the game last night, we came to talk about how I had my elbow surgery done by Dr. Kremchek, who is the Reds team’s doctor as well. I had a Tommy John-surgery done back in November 2010, after I tore my UCL playing soccer. Back then I used to joke and say that I was going to be an awesome pitcher after going through the rehab for the surgery, because they had me do the general baseball rehab as they had never had anyone tear their UCL by being a goalie in soccer before. However, after watching some of those pitchers last night, I am not so sure I could have done it myself.

That surgery is definitely something I am very thankful for from my time here in the States. I am happy that I got connected with Dr. Kremchek through our team doctor here at Wilmington College (Dr. Saunders), and that I got my elbow “fixed”. I recovered very well from my surgery, and I wish I would have gotten to test it again in soccer, but that did not happen. However, as I workout daily in the weight room or in other cardio workouts, I feel how strong my arm feels and how good that surgery did me. If I ever play again, I will always be thankful that I was able to get this surgery done here in the States, because I for sure don not miss that excruciating pain I had before my surgery!


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