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March 16, 2012

Warrior Champion-movie

Warrior Champion-movie

Contributed by Maria Larson

On Wednesday night I went to the Issues and artists speaker that was on campus. This time April Kerley, a Paralympics swimmer, came to campus to talk about her story and how she has reached her goals although she is disabled. Her speech was very motivating, and I enjoyed it a lot. It definitely made me think positively about things, and realize that anyone actually can reach their goals as long as they have a positive attitude.

Before April Kerley came to campus, we have also gotten the chance to watch the movie Warrior Champions. It is a very motivating movie that also talks about success despite obstacles. The movie shows how severely wounded war veterans from the Iraq war came around and competed in the 2008 Paralympics in Beijing. Both April’s story and the movie Warrior Champions were good wakeup calls; we need a positive attitude in life and with that we are actually able to accomplish anything we set our mind into. As long as we don’t limit ourselves, we have the potential to reach as far as we ever want!


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