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Where has the time gone?

February 17, 2014

Contributed by Brad Fuller

Where has the first third of this semester gone!? I cannot believe it has already been five weeks and that I will be going on my final spring break as an undergraduate, especially with all of the snow we have had lately. Prior to this year, I have had a total of zero classes canceled due to snow. This year, we have had three! I’m hoping that New York City has a warm winter next year, as that is where I will be living. I usually don’t make big plans for spring break, but this year I will be going to Louisville to see Arcade Fire, one of my favorite bands! To the average student that wants to go to Florida for break, it may not sound too exciting. But to an avid music fan, it is. I’m also almost finished with my senior sport for athletic training. It will be nice to have some more free time, but it was also nice to learn a lot of new skills that I would not have been able to learn in the classroom alone. It is still crazy to think that all of this is coming up so soon!

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