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Some Thoughts on my Senior Sport (Athletic Training)

January 20, 2014

Contributed by Brad Fuller


As you may remember from my previous blogs, I am the senior athletic training student assigned to the men’s basketball team on campus. I am with the team at [almost] every practice and game, so I get to see all of the injuries from start to finish. I went into the clinical assignment not knowing how much relevant information I would learn because I am attending physical therapy school next year and not continuing as a full time athletic trainer. However, I have gotten to see a lot of injuries and do considerable work with rehabilitation skills, which will be a huge help in my future career as a rehab specialist. As far as the different clinical rotations go, I have by far learned the most in this one. One thing I really appreciate about the athletic training program at Wilmington College is the hands-on experience, which in my opinion is the most important part of learning athletic training or therapy skills. You can learn tons of new information from textbooks or the most recent literature, however nothing beats having ot actually do something in a real life situation and problem solving on your own. It is also better to get this done during a clinical rotation because you have an expert with you at all times to correct you when you make a mistake (and yes, I, as well as all of my classmates, make tons of mistakes as part of the learning process). So far, it has been a great experience that has done nothing but confirm my career choice even more!

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You sound like you have a bright future
Julio 12:55PM 01/30/14



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