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Traveling as a Student Athletic Training Student (+ My spring break plans)

November 25, 2013

The WC team warming up at Millet Hall, Miami University

The WC team warming up at Millet Hall, Miami University

Contributed by Brad Fuller


If you have followed Wilmington College athletics at all in the past week, you should be aware that our men’s basketball team just defeated Division I Miami University 65-63. As the senior athletic training student with the team, I had the privilege of watching the game from the sidelines. Traveling with teams as part of the athletic training staff is always fun because you get to see how other schools do everything from athletic training to their fan base. But getting to travel to a large school with a rich basketball tradition was especially exciting. It was also exciting to see our guys pull off the upset! It is something that hasn’t happened in 3 years (a division III team beating a division I team in basketball) and it was a very fun game to be on the sidelines for.

Music Stuff: Tickets to Arcade Fire’s Reflektor Tour went on sale this past week. The first US tour date is March 6 in Louisville. It just so happens this is during our spring break, so guess who has tickets to the show!?!? If you haven’t heard the album, you’re missing out.

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