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Westheimer: A Review & Finding Success In Failure

October 28, 2013

 Contributed by Paige Newman

October is nearing an end and it has been a crazy month for me.  My classes have started to pile on the work as the end of the semester gets closer.  My classes have been consuming my life lately, but in a good way.  Earlier this month I got a break from class to attend the Westheimer Peace Symposium. 

This year the Peace Symposium featured speakers and activists who discussed human rights issues focused mainly in Africa.  The session that I attended was with speaker Lisa Shannon.  She is a grassroots activist who focuses on the rights of women in the Congo.  Lisa shared the struggles of the women of the Congo and their fight for their rights.  There was one thing in particular that Lisa said that stuck with me.

Lisa encouraged the crowd to do something “even if you fail”.  Lisa explained that she had multiple fundraising attempts that were not successful, but eventually she found something that worked.  It seems that the take away message from Lisa’s lecture is that you can find success even in the worst failure.  She encouraged the audience to just get involved, and try to change something.  


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