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October 07, 2013

 Contributed by Brad Fuller


This past weekend was homecoming weekend on campus, which means lots of festivities and events! Although the center of attention is always the football game and the dance, my favorite event took place on Friday night. Chris Carter, a mentalist, performed a show at the TOP, our campus cafeteria and dining room. I had never seen a mentalist perform and like everyone else that has never seen one, I was a bit skeptical. Like everyone else that has seen a mentalist perform, I am now still a bit skeptical and a bit creeped out. For one of his acts, he had everyone in the audience write on a card their name, a number that meant something to them, and a question that they wanted answered. I wrote my name, social security number, and I asked what my friend Eric was going to do with his life (who was sitting next to me and didn’t know that I wrote a question about him). Before writing the questions, however, Chris was blindfolded with duck tape over each eye and remained so throughout this act. He randomly chose cards out of the pile, wadded them up, and told people the information on the card. My card was chosen and he knew my name, social security number, and after he asked how long I knew Eric (followed by Eric panicking) the answer to my question was, “you know, those guys on the street with the giant squeegees make a lot more money than you would think”. It was definitely an interesting experience and he did so many more mind-blowing things. So if you ever have a chance to see a mentalist, do it!

In other news, if you are unfamiliar with Nico Jaar and his various projects, you should become familiar with him. His latest project, DARKSIDE, officially releases their album tomorrow on Matador / Other People. Its currently streaming various places online and I highly recommend it. 

Now listening:
DARKSIDE – Psychic
(Matador / Other People; 2013)


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