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September 29, 2013

A photo I took of Lower Manhattan from The Brooklyn Bridge

A photo I took of Lower Manhattan from The Brooklyn Bridge

Contributed by Brad Fuller


Even though I have known since Tuesday, I am just getting around to telling the Wilmington College Blog readers: I have been accepted into the Long Island University Doctor of Physical Therapy Program starting in late summer 2014! The university is in Downtown Brooklyn, New York, so this means I’ll be moving to New York City this summer! I am also getting married to my high school sweetheart in May, so it’s a very exciting time in my life. I know my entire blog this fall has been dedicated to this, but it is something I have been looking forward to basically since I started school at Wilmington. My dream has been to be a physical therapist for a long while now, and the Wilmington College Athletic Training Program has far exceeded my expectations in preparation for graduate school. Of course it is a lot of work taking the athletic training coursework in addition to graduate school prerequisites, but I know it will be worth the time and dedication. Wilmington can help you prepare for essentially any graduate level degree and will give you the hands on learning and personalized attention you need to grow and learn. If you have any doubts about going to a small school, I urge you to not fear. All of the opportunities that I had at Wilmington College (Residence Life, Leadership, community involvement, the list goes on) I’m not sure if I would have had anywhere else. I know these activities are what made me stand out from other applicants, and I can’t thank Wilmington College enough for providing me with these opportunities.

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