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April 23, 2013

 Contributed by Brad Fuller


This month in my athletic training life, I have been doing my physical therapy rotation and my general medical rotation with Dr. Swick. Each of these off campus observations last two weeks. I really enjoyed my time at Reconstructive Orthopedics in Fairfield, Ohio. While there I was able to observe PTs and PTAs, see how their role fits in with the larger Mercy Health System, and learn a few new tips about rehab. My goal after completing my athletic training degree at Wilmington College is to pursue physical therapy.
I am currently in the middle of my general medical rotation with Dr. Swick at Main Medical in Wilmington. A huge advantage of this rotation for me is that the facility is only a 15-minute walk or a four-minute bike ride away from campus. Although going into family practice is not necessarily something I am interested in, I was surprised at how many orthopedic injuries are presented in this setting. It is also interesting to see all of the other patients and their various reasons for seeing the doctor.

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