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March 03, 2013


Contributed By: Lynnea Kraft

   For those of you contemplating a healthier lifestyle, but don’t know where to start…check out Student Health 101! Student Health 101 is a website geared towards college students and the young adult lifestyle.  THe site has a section specifically tailored to the needs of the Wilmington College community. In addition, the home page has a button you can click for upcoming health based activities on campus. This relatively new addition to Wilmington College Health and Wellness Promotions has some really great tips. Videos, articles, and quizzes are the media SH101 uses to engage your brain.

   Although you may not want to wait for the videos to load, I would like to say that they are very beneficial (hopefully with the new Internet upgrade the college is receiving over spring break, these videos will be much more easily accessible) !   I recently watched few on the most recent addition of Student Health 101. The videos ranged from disordered eating to chocolate avocado mousse to group meeting pointers. If you still are too impatient to wait for a video to load they also have some great articles for a quick, educational read.

            Hopefully, Student Health 101 will inspire you to get active and maybe make one or two small changes to your life.

 Here is the link for Wilmington College’s very own SH101 :


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