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Time Management

February 06, 2013

 Contributed by: Lynnea Kraft

The first week of classes prompted me to get organized and start working hard once again. With 18 credit hours including an internship, a couple part-time jobs, spinning classes and RA duties, I realized I will have to be an expert time manager this semester.  Thankfully, over break I was able to buy myself a laptop! This is helping me organize my to-do lists, keep readable class notes and an updated calendar of assignments due.   I definitely recommend keeping a planner, either electronically or old-school journal style to help you keep things under control as you start the New Year.

   Don’t forget to work in some personal time as well!   Taking an 15 minutes to an hour a day exercise, watch a show, paint your nails, or play a video game can allow yourself to de-stress, collect your thoughts, and remind yourself that you are human! You can only do so much in one day. Realize that hectic schedules can take a toll on your mind and body so be sure to listen to your body’s signals.  

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