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October 24, 2012



Contributed by Brad Fuller


You can almost smell the changes that are happening this time of year, both related to school and not. Yesterday, I registered for classes for the spring semester of my junior year. It is starting to set in that I will only have to register for classes at WC two more times before I graduate. Compared to this semester, next semester should be a little easier. I will be taking General Medical Conditions, Pharmacology, Clinical Practicum, Nonviolence & Social Change, Music in America, and a Community Building Honors Seminar. It may sound like a lot, but from what we hear about others taking classes, these will be less work than the ones I have now.
Outside of class, I’m starting to look forward to the traditional fall festivities. Every year, Wilmington has a HolliDazzle parade near thanksgiving to celebrate the beginning of the winter season. Everyone in town goes for it, and it is awesome to see the town connect with one another for cultural events. I am also looking forward to cooking a vegan thanksgiving meal at my house with my family, drinking apple cider, and taking a break from thinking for a couple weeks (and maybe getting to listen to more music!!)

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