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September 06, 2012

Something I really need to work on: Organization Skills

Something I really need to work on: Organization Skills

Contributed by: Brad Fuller 

Although my classes are hard this semester, they still seem very manageable; much more so than I thought. I’m only taking 14 credit hours this semester because of how much everyone talks about junior year in the athletic training program being the toughest. Judging on the material and the syllabi from the classes, I agree so far. My classes are Head, Neck and Spine, Physiology of Exercise, Upper Extremity Evaluation, and clinical practicum (with a British Literature class and an honors seminar as well). Many students come to Wilmington College thinking that Athletic Training is simply taping people’s ankles and carrying them off the field when they are injured. These students quickly realize that this is not what the profession is about and that there is a great deal of work involved. Coming in as a freshman, I was mostly aware of what I was getting into. There is no sugarcoating; its hard. But so far, I’m loving everything I’m learning about.


In unrelated news, I began my first training shift as a barista at Joe’s Java, which is located within Sugartree Ministries, out local food pantry. Sugartree is one of myfavorite establishments and I love the work they do, and with a little more training I will be serving drinks at the coffee bar there! It is open at night and is a great place for students to hang out, do homework, and drink low priced, high quality coffee. I’ll give more specifics once I fully start serving there.

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