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September 21, 2012


Contributed By: Lynnea Kraft
“Have you ever heard of ’The PROGRAM?’”  I had seen signs posted around campus with that phrase headlining.  I thought to myself “Why, no. No, I have not.” I’m always looking for ways to changeup my workouts , so I abruptly stopped to read the sign as people dodged me on their way to dinner.   The following poster snippets jumped out as I continued enlightening myself about this new class:
“.. plyometrics, abs …” Well, I don’t know what sort of creature a “plyometric“ is, and who doesn’t need a good ab workout? New exercise word + abs= education + toned core = I think I’ll try this class.
“…P90x and Insanity”  Now, I have yet to try either of those, but friends have told me those workouts can get pretty intense.   Intensity = sweat = challenging = I need to try this class. 
Classes … Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm” Night class Tuesdays + RA meetings at 9:30pm Thursdays = I AM going to “The PROGRAM.”   Thursday, 7:30pm!  I then penciled it in to my schedule.
When I arrived at Herman Court, I was a bit lost because I forgot to check the sign for where exactly in Herman court this class was to take place. I walked around hoping to run into someone who could tell me where to go. I did run into some people, but they had no idea what I was talking about. I started to fear I would be getting flabby abs, instead of a tight tummy. Thankfully, after a few more minutes of wandering, I found it in the auxiliary gym (it’s the small gym on the same floor as the bleachers, between the main gym and the football field).    It was a small class, but the instructor told me that most people come at 8:30pm. Approximately 50 minutes later, I had definitely worked up a sweat, tried a few new exercises, and learned that a “plyometric” is not some extinct dinosaur. A “plyometric” is a powerful movement done quickly and repeatedly.    With a good instructor, and a good workout, I recommend this class to break up your typical exercise routine, or start new one!

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