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Relay for Life

April 15, 2012

A photo of me speaking at the Clinton County Relay for Life a couple summers ago

A photo of me speaking at the Clinton County Relay for Life a couple summers ago

 Contributed by Brad Fuller


Last night was our annual Wilmington College Relay for Life. Although there was rain at the very end, the weather for the event was great and I believe that it was a success! Relay has a special meaning to me because I am a cancer survivor myself. At 15 years of age, I was diagnosed with adamantinoma, an extremely rare form of bone cancer. I underwent a limb salvage surgery on March 20, 2007, which involved the removing of my left tibia (in which a cadaver bone and metal plate were put in its place), and my right fibula was also removed and put into my left leg for more support. As it may seem, it was a drastic, life changing procedure; 18 hours in the operating room, 10 days in the hospital, 13 months of crutches and still in the recovery process to this day. As strange as it may seem, this was, in my opinion, the best overall experience in my life. I learned that you can never take anything for granted and that you never know what you have until it’s gone. Relay for life helps give people hope that are unexpectedly placed in situations like this, and it brings joy to those who have lost loved ones to cancer, knowing that they have people all around them offering support. I am looking forward to participating in Relay in town this summer!

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