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Memory Lane of WC: Friendships

April 14, 2012

Me, Sarah, Tiff and Kayla in the beginning of our Sophomore year!

Me, Sarah, Tiff and Kayla in the beginning of our Sophomore year!

 Contributed by Maria Larson

One of the biggest aspects and memories from college is all the friends that you make. I can say that I definitely have found some friends for life here, and I hope we can keep up that friendship once I move back to Sweden. Everyone are super friendly here at Wilmington College, and I felt that at once when I got here. I will miss walking across campus and say hi to all the people that I know - I can hardly ever cross campus without running into friends to talk to! It is a special feeling on this campus, a special atmosphere, and I will never forget that about this place!

Roommates are often the friends you become closest to and that is how it has been for me too. I have stayed together with my roommate Kayla throughout all my three years here. I did not only become her roommate, but I also felt like I became a part of her family as she let me go home with her for holidays and breaks. Kayla has been a true friend who has been there for me whenever I have needed it, and she has supported me whenever I have been homesick and missed my family at home.

When we moved into the apartments for this third year, my friend Tiff also became my roommate, which made us even closer friends than before. Tiff and I have had a lot of fun over the years, and for example made two trips out of the country together (Jamaica and Mexico). I hope her next trip abroad will be to come see me at home!

Another really close friend that I have made here is Sarah. We have never been roommates, but we were teammates for two years on the soccer team and we have kept our friendship since I quit the team as well. We also stayed together and had a lot of fun during the soccer trip to Europe in August, and she was a great friend and supporter this past summer when I stayed in the States instead of going home.

I know it is not right to rank your friends, but these are the top three people that I have come absolutely closest to during my time here, and I hope that we will stay friends forever! These girls have helped me out tremendously when I have struggled over the years, and we have had many, many fun times together!

I truly hope that many of my friendships I have made here at Wilmington College will last after I leave; I have met so many amazing people here and I am very thankful for that!


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