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March 26, 2012

A study location of mine from last week (on campus)

A study location of mine from last week (on campus)

Contributed by Brad Fuller

If for some unfortunate reason you did not notice, the weather was perfect last week! While this is nice for outdoor activities, it can sometimes be hard on study habits (no matter how unusually warm winter was). However, there are ways to get around the temptation to quit studying and [in my case] do nothing but go on long bike rides every day after class. One way is simply to study outside. Studying does not have to always be boring, in silence, or in the library. Once you are to a point where you can do more learning than organizing, it is easy to find a spot on campus to study. Another nice weather study tip is to walk somewhere off campus to study. You still get the stimulation of being outside, but you also go somewhere with a purpose. This purpose will help you study more without the temptation of taking a nap or snacking. As an athletic training major here at Wilmington College, I have a ton of studying to do. However, there are definitely ways of easing the load a little bit! Finding a study strategy takes a little while, but you will be relieved once you found one that fits your style.

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