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March 02, 2012

Study, study, study

Study, study, study

Contributed by Maria Larson

This week has been absolutely insane! It is the last week before spring break, and it has seemed as all students here on campus have been swamped with school work. This week I have had four scheduled exams, where three of them have been really dense midterms. Actually, it is not over yet, because I have two of them later today, but then it is FINALLY spring break. My roommate and I have counted down the days since this semester started. We are leaving for Cancun tomorrow morning, and we are super excited to be on the beach for a week! I really hope for some good weather, so we can charge our batteries in the sunshine and then come back and finish up this semester successfully!

When we come back, it will only be about 8 more weeks of this semester. The semester really flies by here at Wilmington College, as they are short but very intense. I like it that way though, and I am excited to be done in just about two months. I hope the spring weather is treating you all well, and that all you students out there keep your head up and have a spring break around the corner as well!


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