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Lobbying trip

March 21, 2012

Capitol by night

Capitol by night

Contributed by Maria Larson

It is Wednesday morning, and I am super tired. However, I am glad it is already Wednesday, although it kind of feels like Monday for me…

The reason I have the Monday-feeling is that I got back from Washington DC last night, so my school week has just started. I went on the lobbying trip that the school arranges together with FCNL. We were about 40 people that left for Washington DC on Saturday morning, and came back around midnight last night (Tuesday night). It was a good trip, filled with good experiences regarding lobbying on the “hill” in Washington DC. We also learned a lot about the war in Afghanistan, which was the topic we were lobbying about.

Sunday and Monday was filled with different sessions where we talked about the issue in Afghanistan, and why America needs to pull out their troops from there. As I am not an American, I realized that I have similar views and opinions about this, although I see it from a different perspective. I am not going to go into detail about my political views regarding the war, but let’s just say that I definitely agree with FCNL – that the US needs to leave Afghanistan as soon as possible!

Yesterday, Tuesday, was the big lobbying day that we had prepared for during the weekend. We went in small groups to our House representatives during the morning, to ask our representatives to sign on the H.R.780 bill (Responsible End to the War in Afghanistan Act). We also met as a big group with representatives for both Senator Brown and Senator Portman, to talk about the US military budget. It was good meetings, and definitely a good experience to have seen how lobbying on the “hill” works!


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