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March 11, 2012

Picture of the beach in Cancun

Picture of the beach in Cancun

Contributed by Maria Larson

Break flew by, as it always does! Cancun was great, and I will miss it for sure! The weather didn’t start off very good, but on Wednesday the sun came out and the weather stayed great for the rest of our trip. We had a lot of fun and met a lot of people. We were even too busy to take pictures! We just got a few with our phones, but other than that we just hung out at the beach and in the pool – enjoying life!

I got back to campus late last night, and the switch to summertime (daylight saving) made it even later! We arrived to Columbus at 11:30pm and then I had to go back to my roommate’s house and get my car before I could start my two-hour drive back to campus. I don’t think I was back until 4am. It was nice to get back right away though, and be able to sleep in a little today. But now it’s back to business again! Only eight more weeks left and then it’s over… Crazy but true! My mom called me today, and we started to plan for my graduation. She is coming together with my grandma and three of my brothers and one of their friends. It is going to be fun, and I am so glad that they are coming to experience it with me!



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