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February 07, 2012

Contributed by Brad Fuller

Today, I have my first big exam for my rehab class. I’ve been preparing for it basically since the first day of class and I’m nervous! It starts in about an hour from now, but I need a break from studying. Hopefully it’s not as hard as I’m thinking it will be!

I am thinking the end of this week will be a little more relaxing. Over the past week, the Wilmington College Table Tennis club has received a few exciting shipments. We now have court dividers, scoreboards, new rackets and balls, and a new table (that still needs to be put together). On March 3, a few of us will be traveling to Columbus for the Arnold Table Tennis Tournament, which is held at the Columbus Convention Center. We went to a tournament last semester and it was a lot of fun, and this tournament is part of a much larger fitness expo, so some of the areas best athletes will be there. Hopefully I find some time soon to work on my table tennis game! Athletic Training keeps me very busy, but that’s what I am here for.

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