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February 21, 2012

Picture of the class dancing Marengue

Picture of the class dancing Marengue

Contributed by Maria Larson

One of the general education courses that we have to take here at Wilmington College is Global Issues. We have to take two classes of this (usually one is taken freshman year, and the second one is a senior seminar) to expand our knowledge about the world we live in. I think this is a good thing, because as educated people we have to be aware about the world as a whole, and how things affect us all.

As I am in my last semester here at Wilmington College, I am taking the senior seminar of Global Issues. The class I am in has the topic of Latin America, and so far we have studied Mexico and we are moving on to Argentina. Last night, our professor had invited a dance teacher to campus to teach us some Latin American dance moves. She taught the class to dance Merengue, and also some Salsa moves. Other students and faculty were also invited to this, and a pretty big group of people showed up.

I actually got out of dancing, and I got to take care of the music instead. I absolutely hate to dance, and my professor knew this so she let me sit out. I was very thankful for this, and I had a good time watching my peers learn how to dance. It seemed as if they learned a lot because they were pretty good towards the end! It was a nice way to mix up the class a little, and not have to go to a lecture for once, but still get some experience and knowledge of Latin America.


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