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Countdowns and thoughts about leaving the States

February 19, 2012

 Contributed by Maria Larson

It is crazy how much I am looking forward to graduation! I’m so sick of studying, and I am just ready to be done! It is a little less than 2.5 months left - until I leave Wilmington College and the States for good! That part hasn’t really settled in yet. I don’t know how I will handle a definite good bye. I have never really had to do that with people from home for example, because I have known I am coming back home, but this is different. I am sure I am eventually coming back to the States to visit my closest friends, but it will not be the same and there is probably a lot of people I might not see again. It’s hard, but I need to just take care of this time and enjoy it while I have it!

I have a lot of countdowns going on though… That is kind of how I stay on track and how I stay focused when I have something to look forward to. It is 13 days until me and my roommate leave for Spring break in Cancun!! That is the main thing I am excited for at this point! A week at the beach is much needed! After that, in the middle of March, I am taking a trip with school to Washington DC, which I am also very excited about! After that, spring should have arrived for sure, and it is no better season than spring at Wilmington College. Everyone are coming outside to enjoy the weather, and it just makes life much easier and I am sure it will help the time fly by even faster!


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