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January 23, 2012

Contributed by Maria Larson

Ok, I’m caught up! At least somewhat… Coming back to school a week late was hard on me, as I hate to miss classes, but I feel alright about it now. All my professors were really nice about me missing the first week of the semester, as I had warned them ahead of time, and they have helped me catch up on some stuff that I missed. Now I feel like I know where I am at in every class I am taking, and that is a good feeling!

This weekend I got to relax from school and spend time with some of my friends. My friend Sarah and I went to Perfect North in Indiana on Saturday, to ski and snowboard. I knew how to ski before, but had never tried to snowboard, so I tested that at first. I gave it a good try for about three hours, before my knees and butt was so sore that I decided to switch to skis. That was a good decision, because I realized how much I had missed skiing, and Sarah and I had so much fun for about three more hours in the slopes. I hope we don’t get too busy this semester, so that we have time to go back there a few more times! It’s only about 1,5 hours away from Wilmington College, so it isn’t too bad of a drive!

The rest of the weekend I spent with my roommates, and we did some homework on Sunday as well. A perfect, relaxing weekend, if you ask me! Now it’s Monday again and back to reality. But soon enough the weekend will be back, I’m sure!


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