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Back to school - not yet!

January 10, 2012

Contrbuted by Maria Larson

Spring semester 2012 officially started yesterday, January 9th. However, I will not be joining until next week. I have some business to take care of here at home before I head back to the States. Hopefully/maybe I will be able to write about that in a future blog post. It's early morning here in Sweden, and I have been spending some time this morning to prepare and plan so that I won't fall too far behind right away this semester, for example by emailing and keeping a good dialog with my professors. I hate missing this many classes already the first week, but this time I didn't have much of a choice.

Yesterday (as all my friends at school was ready to go to their first classes of the year) I got back to Sweden after spending 12 nice days in Cuba. I went there with my mom for vacation, and we had a good time! The weather could have been better at times, but other than that it was really good. We laid by the pool most of the days, as it was pretty windy on the beach, and we also took some trips in to the capital Havana. The city of Havana definitely contributed to many thoughts about what's going on in the world. It made me angry, and at the same time it made me thankful for what I've got in life. That's what I like about traveling the most, it gives insights about other cultures and  countries in the world. I notice it when I travel between Sweden and the US as well, and I think it is good! I definitely value my life more!

Now I have to get ready for a busy day at home. It's the last day I'm home, even though I don't leave Sweden until Sunday. Lots of people to see and say bye to! Hope you all have had a good start of the new year!


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