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November 14, 2011

A picture of my cousins: Nay Nay, Thomas Henderson, Tara Brown - Ottey, William Henderson (Groom) and Me

A picture of my cousins: Nay Nay, Thomas Henderson, Tara Brown - Ottey, William Henderson (Groom) and Me

 Contributed by Ray Travis

My weekend started off early due to the wedding I was invited to by my cousin William Henderson, which was the groom. I went home on Thursday. It was a much needed mini vacation. It’s always nice to see family that you regularly don’t see. But this wonderful, special occasion blessed us all. At first glance when I walked into the church, my ignorance relinquished onto the days scenery. In my opinion the church was not the most luxurious place to have a beautiful wedding at. Then as I found my seat and placed my pea coat on the back of the chair I began to walk around and greet my uncles, aunts and cousins around the church. Needless to say I began to feel the pure love manifesting in this church.

This church still wasn’t what I expected where a wedding should be held. Next thing I knew more people kept on flowing throw the door to witness these two individuals devote their lives to each other until death does them part. Soon the wedding had started, as each member of the wedding walked down the aisle you could see the church begin to transform into this luxuries castle. Then it dawned on me, its not the materials or accessories that make up the wedding. Yet, it’s the people in the wedding that made the wedding one of the most beautiful events my eyes have seen and to know that it was the my family that made this possible as well the brides family too, made it even more wonderful to be apart of.

With that being said, I wish Mr. and Mrs. William Henderson the best in their new journey in life.


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