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Violet: The Musical

November 19, 2011

Contributed by Maria Larson 

Last night, my roommate and I went to see the “Violet: The Musical” here on campus. It was a play where several of our friends were involved, and they did it very well! I was amazed over how good the students were on the stage, and very impressed of their singing. It was definitely worth seeing!

Wilmington College’s theatre department set up several plays every year, where students are involved both on and off the stage. You don’t have to be a theatre major to take part in the plays, you can just volunteer or take it as a class for credit hours if you would like (which would count as a general education class, that I talked about before). It is fun to go watch the plays, as I know a lot of people involved, and it is fun to see your friends act on stage – a setting you have never seen them in before!

Tonight is the last show of “Violet: The Musical”, so if you have a chance to go I definitely recommend it! It is at 7:30 in the Wilmington College theatre Hugh G. Heiland Theatre. If you don’t get a chance to go to this play, keep your eyes open for next show on campus – they are definitely worth seeing!

Read about the play here: www2.wilmington.edu/news/Violet-The-Musical-Opens-Thursday-for-Three-Night-Run.cfm


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