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Thanksgiving Part two

November 28, 2011

My cousins at my aunts house putting up Christmas decorations

My cousins at my aunts house putting up Christmas decorations

 Contributed by Ray Travis

Furthermore, Thanksgiving break may sound like I had a lot of free time but I still was cramming in a lot of homework. There’s only a week of school left and then its finals and we are off for Christmas break. Therefore, my head stayed in the books for Marketing class. If I do well on this final I can raise my grade substantially because there is 250 points still left to achieve. Economics is finally coming around for me. Well I believe so! Since I couldn’t work on my music video that I am remaking because I didn’t have the software on my computer. I stayed in lab from 1:30pm-6pm on Tuesday to get in extra time so I can edit all the film we shot for the music video.

It seem like I drove up and down 71 this entire break. A couple of the reasons was because I had to work during Black Friday at Tanger Outlets for GUESS from 9pm-5am right after I got done eating my thanksgiving food with my family. Speaking of that, I was able to have two different Thanksgivings. One with my brothers side of the family and then with my side of the family. Each thanksgiving was tremendous, from the tasteful food to the people I was surrounded with. Wish I could had stayed more but I had to go to work.


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Yea it can be hard to have so much to do during the holidays. Most people just want to be with their families. This can sometimes be difficult if you have so many obligations.
Jake Weise 7:45PM 01/03/12



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