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Pulled tooth, Science Day, and a general update

November 08, 2011

 Contributed by Maria Larson

This morning I finally pulled my wisdom tooth! It has been causing me problems for a while now, and I finally got it out. The pain is coming on now though, and it is not fun… But I am glad I got it done at least.

Today we also had an open house for prospective students interested in our science programs. I gave a tour for a family after lunch, and it was a great day to walk around campus! The sun has been shining and it has been pretty warm the past two days… Maybe my complaints about the previous cold weather had some effect! We have another open house this Friday, for student interested in Education. I hope the weather will stay nice for that, and preferably the weekend as well!

I am swamped with schoolwork though, so I don't get to enjoy much of the nice weather. I have three exams tomorrow, and a paper due on Friday. I probably could have changed at least one of the exams to another day, since they all fall on the same one, but I will probably take them all tomorrow and have it over with. I don’t like pushing them off, even though it will be tough tomorrow!

On another note: Now it is only 1 month until we are done with this semester and I am home! I can’t wait!



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Wisdom teeth are such a pain in the neck. It would have been better if you showed us a picture of your tooth. Did you keep it? LOL. I put mine in a cookie jar for remembrance. Good thing no one comes into my room to check my drawer, LOL. So how's the pain now? And I hope you passed your exam. I just wanna let you know, you have a beautiful smile. I hope it remains as you get older <3.
Vernell Leider 3:20PM 12/22/11



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