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Growing Pains/ Bright Holiday Break

November 08, 2011

 Contributed by Ray Travis

Let me start off by saying that this October was truly a learning experience. This past month was filled with benign and malign occurrences. With that all said I would not want to change neither one of them. All of these events of made me a stronger person. After all the best way in my opinion to learn is in personal experiences.

Never the less, I’m proud to be in the mist of November. I got to see a long time friend who attends Spelman College, which is a prestige all women Historical Black College in Atlanta, Georgia. Also, I am attending my older cousins wedding this Friday. I must say that I am proud of him and wish him and his future wife the best as the begin to take their journey in life together. Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to share my life with a special lady in my future, but until then I most focus on my books and career.

Furthermore, one of my brothers is coming back to visit for Thanksgiving from the military. One out of two isn’t bad but I prefer to have both. The one that’s coming back lives in Alaska. The other one is in Korea and won’t be back until spring. It’s amazing how much time we spend apart but we all remain in contact with each other over the pas six or seven years. One day I will leave for the military too. Maybe after I graduate from Wilmington or after I receive my Master in Journalism. One thing is for sure I probably be stationed somewhere in London, England or Paris.

Oh yeah roommates 21st birthday tomorrow. So I say Happy Birthday Dave Angevine!


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