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November 02, 2011

Contributed By Brandi Fornshell

Welcome Aboard!! My name is Brandi and I will be your tour guide today! I am glad to see you on our Aggies Bus Tour! Today we will be seeing how four different ag related companies operate. We will also get to eat lunch with a few alumni. It’s time to sit back….and enjoy the ride!
STOP ONE: Provimi, Brookville OHIO
Provimi is a leader in the animal nutrition. Their mission is to shape tomorrow’s nutrition and be the first choice for producers of animals in the meat, milk and egg industry. Dr. Doug Cook, Dr. Scott Fry and WC Alum Chris Helsinger spoke with us about the day to day work and also employment opportunities.
STOP TWO: Dull Homestead, Brookville OHIO
Dull Homestead is stop number 2! At Dull’s we saw their museum of information about new innovations in agriculture including using hydrogen gas, wind energy and methane. We also got to see some of their seed corn operation.
LUNCH!! It’s always fun to get to chat with alumni and learn about their jobs and potential job opportunities we may someday have!
STOP THREE: Irish Acres Dairy Farm, Sydney OHIO
Stop number three….Irish Acres! We got to see the whole operation at the dairy. We toured the milking parlor and the barns. This stop was a lot of fun and the cows were entertaining! We also got to try some Activia that was made from the product coming from the dairy!
STOP FOUR: Dancing Horse Farm, Lebanon OHIO
Last stop of the day!! Dancing Horse Farm has so much to offer! We learned all about dressage and got to meet many of the horses!

After a long day on the road we are now headed back to campus. Thank you all for joining!!!

Every other year the Aggies Club takes a bus tour. They travel to 4 different places that are good examples ag operations in the state of OHIO! This is a fun learning experience for students and a great way to broaden our horizons!


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I want visit whole Ohio. I think you will be the best travel guide for me.
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