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Almost Break Time

November 21, 2011

Saying goodbye to nice weather for the year

Saying goodbye to nice weather for the year

 Contributed by Brad Fuller


This part of the fall semester is the hardest part of the year for me. During the spring, there is a week break right in the middle of the semester, which evenly breaks up the semester. In the fall, we don’t get a substantial break until thanksgiving. This can be especially difficult when you have a heavy class load. However, the break is almost a reality! It will be nice to get to go home and spend some time with family and friends, while only halfway studying for finals, which are quickly approaching. Thanksgiving is usually the time a stop wishing it was warm outside and accepting that winter is almost here.

During my Athletic Training hours this month, I have been with the indoor track team. They are usually fairly low maintenance and injury free, so we have been discussing and reviewing various subjects at practices. Although I am learning a lot that I have not learned in class, it will be very helpful once I have taken all of the classes and practice time will be good for reviewing. The best way to learn is through discussion and practical application, things that cannot be learned as easily in the classroom. Next semester (spring of sophomore year) is when the workload really picks up and we learn a lot of the information we will be using on a daily basis. I’ll be looking forward to knowing how to do injury evaluations and making rehab programs!

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