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Weekend full of shopping

October 03, 2011

New outfit on Monday morning after a weekend full of shopping!

New outfit on Monday morning after a weekend full of shopping!

Contributed by Maria Larson 

Me and my mom did a lot of shopping this weekend! It has been nice, both to do something outside of Wilmington, but also of course to buy some new chothes!

On Friday we drove to Kenwood once I was done with classes, and spent a few hours at the mall there. I like Kenwood, as it has a variety of different stores in different price ranges, and it's only about 45-50 minutes from Wilmington! I played a game in Mason at Wall2wall that night, so we spent the afternoon in Kenwood before we had to leave for the game. Then on Sunday we went to the Outlet mall by Jeffersonville, which is also a very nice mall to shop at - even closer to Wilmington (about 25-30 min). It was a nice day outside so it was a good day to walk around, as it is an outdoor mall, and check out the stores and do some shopping. What's funny at Jeffersonville is that a lot of students from Wilmington College visit there, and/or work in some of the stores, so you always run into people you know!

Other than that it has been kind of a lazy weekend. I haven't done much, as my week of school had been very hectic, and I felt like I needed a break. But now I'm back on track, and it's time to hit the books again! It's nice that we have a short week though. Our fall break falls on the end of this week, and we get Friday off. Me and my mom are actually leaving Wilmington already Thursday to go to Chicago! We are going to spend the last few days of her visit there, before she flies back home on Sunday. It will be nice, and I am excited!


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