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October 28, 2011

 It's finally Friday!! This week has gone by kind of slow in my opinion compared to last week. However, today was nice because we went on a field trip for my global issues class. This morning we loaded up Wilmington College's vans and headed to Cincinnati to tour the Freedom Center. When we arrived our tour guide showed us a movie about the Underground Railroad and the stories of John Parker and Reverend Rankin. We also got see the "slave pen" which is an actual structure that was built to hold slaves until they were ready to be sold. This "slave pen" came from a cottonfield in Kentucky and was transported to the museum by completely tearing it down and hauling it to the second floor of the museum to be rebuilt. 

The entire museum was very interesting I thought. My favorite part was definitely the slave pen because it was the actual structure that was used. Going on this field trip was a good way to end the long week! As for my weekend plans I am not exactly sure what I am doing. Hopefully something fun and interesting! I hope everyone has a good weekend!:)

-Kelli Hartman


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