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Procrastination and all-nighters

October 01, 2011

Old picture of me, when I was in high school, during another all-nighter.

Old picture of me, when I was in high school, during another all-nighter.

 Contributed by Maria Larson

All nighters. They are a horrible phenomenon, and unfortunately I have experienced them way to often the past two years.

Freshman year was the worst. Then I procrastinated a lot of schoolwork because of other fun things to do with friends on campus, and ended up sitting up late during nights and get the work done. Don’t get me wrong, I have good grades, so apparently these all nighters works for me, but it’s still not anything I am proud of. It also adds on unnecessary extra stress, plus I like my sleep.

I have gotten a lot, lot better with doing my work on time, and stay on top of assignments, but this week I failed that for the first time this semester. I had a really dense assignment in my Research with Descriptive Statistics-class, and I think I underestimated it at first. That got back at me, so there I was sitting the night between Thursday and Friday, trying to get it done on time. I ended up getting two hours of sleep that night, before I got up again to continue working on it. I got it done, and I turned it in, and that is what matters I guess. But I have now again promised myself to never let myself get this behind again… It’s going to take days to catch up on my sleep!


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