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Goodies for Goblins

October 26, 2011

Me, Justin Bieber, and Kaylee Cox as a hippie at Goodies for Goblins

Me, Justin Bieber, and Kaylee Cox as a hippie at Goodies for Goblins

Contributed by Brad Fuller


Last night, the Wilmington College campus hosted “Goodies for Goblins”, a trick-or-treat event for youth of the community in which they went through the residence halls and received candy from students that reside on campus. I went to the event and it was a lot of fun! I was dressed as a piece of pizza with a parrot hat (because these two articles obviously go together in costume form). There were even a few children that I recognized from the summer; I worked with Grow Food Grow Hope on campus and we hosted a garden camp. There are plenty of events on campus that the community can get involved with!

In athletic training news, the month is coming to and end and that means juniors and sophomores in the program will switch to a new rotation. Last month, I was with a chiropractor and at Dayton Sports Medicine Institute. Next month, I will be finishing up with men’s soccer and moving to indoor track when soccer is finished. I enjoyed my last month of rotations, but it will be nice to be back on campus and working out of our own training room. This will take me up until the start of winter break; this semester is flying by!

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