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Friday night lights

October 24, 2011

A scene from a game

A scene from a game

 Contributed by Brad Fuller


The end of the high school football season is coming to and end, and this Friday will be the last game of the year that I am covering for Blanchester High School for my Friday night football rotation. I can’t believe that the season has gone so quickly! This has been by far the most fun rotation I have had in my time in the Wilmington College athletic Training program, and I will definitely miss working with the team on Friday nights. The team was playoff hopeful for most of the season, however they suffered a couple of tough losses that may have cost them a postseason appearance. All in all, they are a solid football team that is fun to watch.

Partially unrelated to Athletic Training, this week may be my busiest of my college career. I made a mistake of scheduling three hall activities in one week (I am a resident assistant for a hallway of freshmen) and am on duty three nights this week (where the RAs are in the lobby to make sure the building is secure and everything is in order). This week, I feel like the “typical college student”, as I am looking forward to the weekend on Monday!

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Any interesting injury stories that can be shared from the season without violating HIPAA?
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