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Fantastic Weekend!

October 25, 2011

Me and Holt after the Luke Bryan Concert:)

Me and Holt after the Luke Bryan Concert:)

 This past weekend was terrific! Friday night I got to just relax with my boyfriend and his family because he came home for the weekend. Then on Saturday I cleaned Heidi and I's room before I headed off to the Luke Bryan Concert! I drove Holt and some friends up to Troy, Ohio for the concert where we met some other friends from Wilmington College up there.

The concert was amazing as I expected it would be. Lee Brice, Josh Thompson, and Luke Bryan were all very energtic and great performers! After a long time of singing along with the guys we headed back to Wilmington for the night. But not before we got detoured from our exit on the way home which added about a half hour to our trip home!  

The next day I headed home for the day to catch up with family and spend some time on the farm! It was really nice to get a home-cooked meal and see the combine in action while spending time with family! I am hoping this week goes by fast so I can see what this weekend has in store!:)

-Kelli Hartman


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