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Fall is here! Got to love Fall

October 13, 2011

Contributed by Ray Travis

Where do I start? So much to tell you guys! Well let me start by saying that the month of October has been a great with sharing my birthday with some great friends on this campus! On the other hand I had to make a critical decision not to continue to play football here for personal reasons. I still wish my Fighting Quakers the best for the remainder of the season. My decision came from just trying to concentrate fully on my education here. Since that’s going to pave the way for my future. Its been a nice long career of playing football with 15 years under my belt.

Furthermore I have more time on my hands now that I have quit playing football. At first it was really strange. I kept on asking myself, “what do I do now” but eventually I found something to do with my time. Here on campus I have three different jobs. First one is blogging for admissions, second is calling alums for phonathon and finally working sporting games for Carl the equipment manager. Its always a good feeling to have a little cash flowing your pockets as a college student. Specially when $100 can last me a month or two.

On another note school is going pretty well. Well, I have decided to get a tutor for economics because I refuse to let that class pull down my gpa. Also, my piano recital is coming up pretty fast and I can’t wait to perform. Trailer for “The Breakfast Club” turned out pretty good. Next we have to do a infomercial. Marketing is getting more interesting every class thanks to our professor Ellen. She might stray off subject a little but she’s a great teacher!


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