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Counting down the days until Christmas break

October 23, 2011

 Contributed by Maria Larson

I can’t believe that we only have about six more weeks of school this semester! Time is flying by! Not that I can complain, but it is still crazy and you wonder where the time goes. I like that our semesters are short, but it also makes them very hectic! Of course it doesn’t help that I take a lot of classes this semester, but wow it’s busy! Busy make the time fly though – that is for sure!

I am excited that I get to go home in less than 7 weeks. It has been too long since last time. I haven’t been home since spring break, which was in the beginning of March. I miss my family and friends so much! Being away from them is definitely the hardest part about being here. I do have great friends here though, but family is family.

Everyone struggles with being away from their families once they leave for college. I don’t think it’s less hard for people who live an hour away from campus, than it is for me. The difference is that people here can call their family members, or friends, at any time. Being from Sweden, I can’t do that. First of all it is expensive, second of all we are dealing with a time difference too. It is hard, but it is manageable… It makes me value the time I get with them a lot more. And it is going to make my Christmas break amazing!


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