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October 12, 2011

Me by a Swedish

Me by a Swedish "Dala-häst" in Andersonville, Chicago.

Contributed by Maria Larson 

So last week we had our so-called fall break. It only gave us one day off, but considering the short and intense semesters we have here at Wilmington College, even one day is something to be thankful for!

Since my mom was still here visiting over our break, we decided to take a road trip up to Chicago and see what that city had to offer. I was able to get out of my only class on Thursday, so we were able to leave already Thursday morning. The drive wasn’t too bad. “Only” six hours from Wilmington, and it was definitely worth it! I loved Chicago! We stayed at a simple hotel very central in the city. It didn’t matter that it was simple, cause we were never there anyway. We spent the days wandering around in the city. What amazed me about Chicago was that it is such a calm city, but yet so busy and big. It has beautiful parks everywhere, and being by the lake just makes it even more beautiful! We had really good weather too, so everything was perfect!

The last day we also visited a part outside the city, called Andersonville. It used to be a Swedish community, 100 years ago, as many Swedes moved from Sweden to United States and ended up in Chicago. It was a really small part of the city, and all we really did was to visit a museum, and eat at a restaurant with Swedish food. It was nice to see though. I like history when it comes to something that personally touch me like that. And even though I am not an immigrant here, it is nice to in a way relate to others that came to the US – just like me!


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