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Ag Lab with the Vet!

October 26, 2011

 Yesterday we got the chance to have our ag lab with a vet! Dr. Ellis came to the Wilmington College Farm for our lab for a farm visit. He talked to us about what vaccinations he was giving, explaining how he was going to castrate the bulls and palpate the heifers. Once he was done talking to us we actually got to give some shots and castrate the bulls and palpate. We also dewormed the herd along with the vaccinations.

So far this has been a pretty good week considering it is already Wednesday and I have had 3 classes cancelled! It is crazy to think that we are almost in November already and before we know it it will be Christmas Break! 

This week, we have also started thinking about scheduling for next semester which is crazy! It feels like we just moved in! Next week I am meeting with my advisor to discuss what courses I need to take to fulfill my requirements. A lot of things are going on here on campus and its hard to keep up sometimes!

I hope everyone has a good Wednesday!

-Kelli Hartman


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