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September 30, 2011

 Wow what a crazy week this has been at Wilmington College!! I have finally made it to Friday! Only one more class holding me back from me and my weekend. I'm pretty excited for this weekend for many reasons. One obvious reason is, it is the weekend which means no classes! But another reason is tomorrow is homecoming and Aggieville! Tomorrow we get to talk to ag alumni and work on building our networking connections for our futures. Also, tomorrow is our homecoming football game! And then of course on Sunday I'm pretty excited to go see my boyfriend at ATI and take a look at their campus to see the differences compared to Wilmington College's beautiful campus! 

However, this morning in Ag class we had a guest speaker from Land O'Lakes, Dani Heeren, speak to us about internships and all of the fabulous opportunities avaliable to us. She addressed what Land O'Lakes was all about and explained how she obtained her job as a college recruiter for 900 co-ops through Land O'Lakes. She explained to us that by doing an internship, this allows us to experience firsthand whether or not we like a certain job or field before actually committing to it. It was a very beneficial presentation and I learned a lot about her company and the business world to help me better prepare for the next step after college!

-Kelli Hartman


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