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Midweek break

September 28, 2011

Team photo of the women's soccer team. Their record so far this season is 2-4-2.

Team photo of the women's soccer team. Their record so far this season is 2-4-2.

 Contributed by Kelsey Sullivan

Today was such a great little break in the week! It felt like I had been
so busy, but yesterday I only had two classes, human nutrition and
racquetball. After I was all done with classes I got lunch and then took
a two hour nap! Now I'm looking into buying another camera not that I am
in full swing in my Graphic Design major. Photography is one of my true
loves and the fact they have a Graphic Design major at Wilmington was
one of the reason I came here. I have two cameras, one is a film camera
that you have to check the lighting, wind, film and then focus it by
hand before taking the picture. I also have a small digital one as well.
The camera I'm interested in now is a bigger digital with different
lenses, but that's a lot of money. I am going to need to work more and
save some additional money. I waitress on the weekends, in Cincinnati
near my home, and this weekend I will be working in the morning on
Saturday. Thankfully I won't miss the homecoming activities. Homecoming
is a big deal around here.
On campus there is always something to do. Tonight there is a women's
soccer game at 7pm. They play Waynesburg. If I finish up with a little
more of my homework, I might make an appearance at the game to cheer on
some Lady Quakers!
Keep coming back for updates from myself and my fellow student bloggers!
Homecoming is coming up this weekend along with lots of events in the
town in Wilmington.

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