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September 08, 2011

Hiding in the switch grass test plot at Penn State. Regional Soil Judging, October 2010.

Hiding in the switch grass test plot at Penn State. Regional Soil Judging, October 2010.

Contributed by Brandi Fornshell

Howdy! My name is Brandi Fornshell and I am currently a Junior at Wilmington College. I am majoring in Agriculture, with a concentration in Agronomy. My love and passion for agriculture brought me to small town USA….Wilmington, Ohio, with the goal of continuing my education and earning a degree so that I am able to pursue a career in Agriculture industry.

I am a busy bee on campus! I am taking a full class load, working as a Student Ambassador and I am involved in many organizations on campus. I love showing perspective students and their families around our beautiful campus and helping them become one step closer to the next chapter in their life. I am a member of Aggies, one of our ag clubs on campus, as well as the President of Agronomy Club and Soil Science Club. The Soil Science Club is linked to our Collegiate Soil Judging team. With the Soil Judging team I have been able to travel to and judge soil in 3 different states and in one month will be adding number 4 to my list! I have judged in Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania. Our contest is coming up, the first week of October, in RHODE ISLAND!! How exciting! Be checking back in to see some cool pictures of my trip!

I am excited to be a student blogger this year and I look forward to meeting some of you on campus!! Feel free to ask any questions you might have!

Stay tuned to the WC blogs to catch up on weekly happenings around campus and get the inside scoop on the Ag department!!

Gotta’ go kick off my boots….Until next time….




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