WC Awards 25 "Your Name Here" Scholarships for 2012-13

Scholarship Initiated by Students Four Years Ago

May 18, 2012

Wilmington resident Amanda Middleton (left) receives congratulatory words from Bob Touchton and Alyssa Gaddis following the

Wilmington resident Amanda Middleton (left) receives congratulatory words from Bob Touchton and Alyssa Gaddis following the "Your Name Here" Scholarship presentations held earlier this spring. Amanda, who will be a senior this fall, is double majoring in agriculture and history with a minor in chemistry. In addition to "Your Name Here," her other scholarships include the WC Achievement Award, Legacy Award, Local/Region Award and Quaker Award. Also, she is a member of Green Key honor society.

Wilmington College offers all sorts of scholarships, but the so-called “Your Name Here” Scholarship is the only one that was initiated by students. Twenty-five were awarded for 2012-13 at the recent conclusion of the spring semester.

Alyssa Gaddis, director of the Annual Fund, hosted an awards ceremony at which students received “Your Name Here” Scholarships based upon an application process that included writing essays or producing videos.

This year’s theme called upon students to describe: “the moment when they knew Wilmington College had changed their life and their future — for the better.”

“Every submission we reviewed this year showed great thought, great effort and great love for Wilmington College,” said Gaddis, noting that more than 50 applications were received. “We had to narrow it down to the best of the best.”

Zach Glendening’s essay described his participation in a lobbying education trip to Washington DC as a pivotal point in his life, while Kristin Finkbeiner cited the opportunity she had to go to Nicaragua as a result of WC’s Isaac Harvey Fund, which helps defray travel expenses.

Other “moments” included a simple classroom assignment that resulted in both a life lesson and job opportunity, while others noted their involvement with theatre, sororities and the “strength of friendships” they made at the College.

Another compared WC to “that favorite pair of jeans that fits just right.”

Receiving scholarships in varying amounts were: Hannah Bernthold, Ashley Clark, Drew Dutoi, Nate Godby, Lainey Mallin, Emily Noskowiak, Zach Glendening, Kayla Walker, Sarah Allen, Edmund Besong, Taylor Duncan, Kristin Finkbeiner, Tony Goodrich, Erika Lozano, Keegan Martin, Chad McKay, Amanda Middleton, Sara Nave, Morgan Smith, Melinda Weaver, Rebecca Wenniger, Ashley Williams, Cheryl Boldoser, Susan Dicken and Katie Shaw.

Gaddis, a 2010 WC graduate, was one of those students that worked with the former Annual Fund director on starting the “Your Name Here” scholarship in the wake of the nation’s economic crisis in 2008.

They recruited a 1965 alumnus to join their effort by providing the fund’s seed money. Robert Touchton, a member of the College’s Board of Trustees and Alumni Council, is a retired judge that also teaches business law at WC.

“Wilmington is a unique college,” Touchton said, noting he first arrived at WC as a freshman some 50 years ago. “For every alumnus, there are one, two or three persons they met here that changed their whole outlook on life. That was certainly true for me.

“Giving back to the College is important,” he added. “I’ve found that, as you give to others, that comes back to you many times.”