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Agriculture Education Concentration

Wilmington College offers teacher licensure in vocational agriculture (grades four and beyond). Students must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program. It is recommended that students seeking licensure consult faculty in both the Agriculture and Education areas. See Education for additional information. A total of 90 credit hours are required.  The following courses are required or can be selected for this concentration:

Required courses:
  *EDU103  Educational Foundations (3)
  *EDU104  Educational Foundations Practicum (1)
  *EDU205  Instructional Media (1)
  *EDU210  Human Growth & development (3)
  *EDU241  Educational Psychology (3)
  *EDU303  Secondary General Methods and Content Area Reading (4)
    EDU309  Survey of Inclusion (4)
    EDU405  Multicultural Experience (2)
    EDU450  Student Teaching and Seminar (10)
    AGR105  Agriculture Applications & Technology (3)
**AGR108  Principles of Crop and Animal Science I (4)
**AGR109  Principles of Crop and Animal Science II (3)
**AGR122  Agricultural Economics (3)
**AGR202  Foundations in Agricultural Education (3)
    AGR275  Practicum – vocational Agriculture I (1)
    AGR312  Animal Nutrition (4)
    AGR317  Soils (4)
    AGR323  Methods of Teaching Agriculture (4)
    AGR405  Farm Management (4)
    AGR475  Practicum – Vocational Agriculture II (1)
    ACC201  Accounting I (3)
    MGT211  Introduction to Management (3)
    MKT205  Introduction to Marketing (3)

Required – 16 semester hours from the following courses:
    AGR***  Upper division electives (9)
    CHM211  Principles of Chemistry (4)
    CHM, BIO, GEO, or PHY courses (4) In addition to the general education requirements

*    Courses needed for the Education Department
**  Students must take at least 2 of these 4 courses before admittance to the Education Department
*** Although not required, it is recommended that you represent each Ag concentration in your electives.