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The Plant, Environmental, and Soil Science concentration is designed for transfer students who have completed an Associate of Applied Science or other two-year technical degree in an area related to Agriculture, Horticulture, Natural Resources or Environmental Studies from an accredited community or technical college, and have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0. A total of 32-34 credit hours are required.  The following courses are required or can be selected for this concentration:

Required courses:
AGR109 Principles of Crop and Animal Production II (3)
AGR122 Agricultural Economics (3)
AGR209 Soil Conservation (3)
AGR219 World Food (3)
AGR300 Weed Control (3)
AGR317 Soils (4)
AGR325 Soil Fertility (3)
AGR407 Forage and Grain Crop Production (4)

Required: one course from the following:
AGR321 Agricultural Finance (3)
AGR322 Commodity Marketing (3)
AGR405 Farm Management (4)
AGR445 Agricultural Policy (3)

Required: one course from the following:
AGR305 Sheep Science (4)
AGR306 Livestock Evaluation and Judging (3)
AGR312 Animal Nutrition (4)
AGR314 Swine Science (4)
AGR315 Beef Production (4)
AGR316 Dairy Science (4)
AGR413 Seminar in Animal Science (3)