Graduation Requirements (Bachelor’s Degrees)

Students are responsible for meeting the following graduation requirements:       

1. Application for Degree. Each candidate for a degree must file a written application in the Office of Academic Records. Branch students apply at the office for the Branches.  Deadlines for application are:

1. December degree candidates: September 30th

2. May degree candidates: January 20th

3. August degree candidates (planning to participate in May Commencement): January 20th.

4. All other August degree candidates: March 15th.

After diplomas have been ordered there will be a $35.00 charge to change a diploma name. Official transcripts of all correspondence or transfer credit must be on file with the Registrar/Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs at least one month prior to the expected date of graduation.

2. Hours required. The completion of 124 semester hours or credits of academic work is required for graduation.

3. Minimum number of hours. A minimum of 32 semester hour credits must be registered for and completed at Wilmington College in order to receive a Wilmington College degree.

4. Residence Requirement. Candidates for degrees are required to take 24 of their final 32 semester hours at Wilmington College. Students who have completed 88 credit hours on campus may do part or all of the senior work off campus with the approval of the Office of Academic Records. Experiential Learning and Proficiency Examinations credits do not count in the Wilmington College residency requirements.

5. Upper division work. All students must have 40 hours of upper division work. One-half of the hours required for a major must be upper division hours. Upper division courses are numbered in the 300s and 400s.

6. General Education requirement. All students must satisfactorily complete the General Education requirements listed in this catalog.

7. Writing Competency. All students are required to complete EN101 with a grade of "C-" or better. See Writing Competence under General Education in the Catalog.

8. Major requirement. All students must satisfactorily complete a major program acceptable to the College. Degree-seeking students must declare a major upon completion of 44 hours at Wilmington College. Transfer students with more than 44 semester hours must declare by the end of their first semester at Wilmington College. Failure to declare a major within this time frame will result in an administrative hold on records, preventing a student from registering for subsequent semesters until a major is declared. Once declared, a student's major may be changed using a Major Declaration Form obtained from the Student One-Stop Center or the Office of Academic Affairs. Majors are listed under Academic Programs in the Catalog.

9. Grade point average and academic standing. All candidates for a degree must have a grade point average of not less than 2.00 ("C" average), within the major, minor, and overall. Determination of grade point averages is explained in the Catalog. All candidates for a degree must be in academic good standing.

10. Second bachelor’s degree. While seeking the first bachelor’s degree an individual may complete multiple majors and multiple minors, but may not be granted two simultaneous degrees. An individual who holds a bachelor’s degree from Wilmington College or any other regionally accredited school may pursue a second bachelor’s degree. The second degree requires the completion of an additional major and a minimum of 32 Wilmington College semester hours. No state or federal aid, except for the Title IV Loan Programs, is available to a student seeking a second degree. Students who are attending Wilmington College as "licensure only" are eligible for financial aid as fifth-year undergraduate students, if taking courses required for initial teacher certification/licensure or renewal of licensure.

11. Baccalaureate and Commencement. Attendance is expected at Baccalaureate and Commencement of candidates who complete degree requirements at the end of spring semester. December and anticipated August degree candidates may also take part in the May commencement, but August degree candidates must be within 12 hours of the completion of degree requirements by the time of the May Commencement. May and August candidates must be in academic good standing for Spring Semester to participate in Commencement. Exceptions to the 12-hour requirement may only be made by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

12. Financial Obligations. Students with unpaid obligations to the College will not be able to receive diplomas and transcripts.